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I-LINE II from 630 to 6300A High Power transport and distribution

Run section

  • Rating: 12 ratings are available, from
    630A to 6300A
  • Standard length: 10 feet, 6 feet, 4 feet
  • None-standard length: minimum
    length 406 mm


Plug-in unit

  • All I-LINE plug-in units are compatible
    with I-LINE II busbar trunking system
  • Category: plug-in unit with MCCB,
    • Plug-in unit with Schneider Electric
      MCCB, ampere rating from 16A to 1000A

Elbow fitting

  • Standard elbow
    • Flatwise elbow
    • Edgewise elbow
  • Non-standard elbow:
    • Double elbow
    • Offset elbow
    • Elbow plus flanged end
    • Elbow in special angle
    • Elbow in special length

Connection fitting

  • Supply connections allow the busbar trunking to be connected to the switchboard’s busbar or to the transformer.
    • Flanged end
    • Qwik Flanged end
  • Cable connection, transport current
    between cable and busbar trunking.
    • End cable tap box
    • Center cable tap box

Connection fitting

  • Vertical support
    • Fix hanger
    • Spring hanger
  • Horizontal support
    • Flatwise hanger
    • Edgewise hanger